De La Salle Spartans v Pittsburg Pirates NCS semifinal rd 3

The NCS semi-final was between De La Salle and Pittsburg, with the Pirates being the last team from Nor Cal to beat the Spartans. However that was two decades ago (in 1991) in a similar NCS playoff game.

There would be no repeat performance by Pitt on this night as the Spartans defense dominated the entire game and the offense, aside from an early interception on a gadget play on its first drive, could not be stopped with three different runners scoring TDs and running up a 48-0 first half score that would remain unchanged as the clock was set for a quick finish in the second half.

The one sided affair lacked drama but showed that the Spartans are all business as they attempt to return to the CIF Open title game for a possible 3 game state streak.

Here are the pics…

Spartan RB Joe Teo (#10), in his last action at Owen Field, takes an early hand-off

A trick play with WR #22 Andrew Buckley for a pass ended badly with a Pirate Interception

But DLS got the ball back after one play (forced fumble) and Bart Houston (#13) drops back.

Pitt got the ball back down then QB Malik got sacked by the Spartan D

Spartan RB Tiupepe Vitale (#20) follows blocks

Pirate QB Malik  Watson finding things crowded as he sets up for a pass.

Spartan’s defensive front led by DE Austin Hooper ( #18)

With an ounce of protection on second down, Malik Watson (#8) winds up

Pitt RB #33 Vupinola

#55 Antonio Huey finds it rough going stopping Spartan ball carriers

Spartan D catches up

Tiupepe Vitale #20 breaks loose in route to his first TD

DLS Luc Hamilton #57 and #50 Chris Olinger pursue QB Malik Watson #8

Joe Teo breaking early across the first line of defense on way to TD

LB Michael Barton (#11), David Moffit (#58) and crew were a menacing presence

QB Bart Houston (#13) ran plenty and played physical with rush 2 TDs and other slashes

RB Joe Teo (#10) at it again

Teo breaks into the second level on his way…


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